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IPAR has a leadership network of people with direct and indirect military experience. We harness this knowledge to support current and former serving military personnel through all aspects of their transition; Medically, Socially and Vocationally. IPAR provide:


  • Rehabilitation Services - Medical Management, Psychosocial and return to work rehabilitation services via the Department of Veterans’ Affairs and the Australian Defence Force;
  • Group workshops aimed at teaching members the job seeking process starting with how and where to look for jobs through to resumes, interviews and what to expect when a job is obtained;
  • Individual Career Transition Management Coaching – here IPAR works with the member to identify their specific needs and tailor services to suit them. First we start by looking at a resume, transferring military skills into civilian language and develop a mud map of services unique to the individual.


For more information please go to our website, we would love to support you through your transition on the way to success!



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*** While the Veterans Employment Program does not endorse any private companies, the recruiters listed specialise in placing ex-military people and/or assisting with recruitment services.***


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