How to search for a job

Most NSW Government jobs are advertised on I work for NSW. You can search and apply for jobs directly through this website.

Once you have found a role that complements your skills and experience, download the position description and capability framework for the role.

Sixteen capabilities make up the NSW Public Sector Capability Framework, which applies to every NSW Government job.

An example of a position description applying the framework is below.

Example Position Description

This framework will contain:

  • Focus capabilities: found in bold (seen in the above image). These are the capabilities a person must have when starting a job.
  • Other capabilities: these are non-bolded capabilities (also seen above). These are the capabilities a person is expected to acquire after starting a job. 

Use the Capability Definition Tool to find out what each of the capabilities mean.

Apply for the position if you are confident that you meet the capabilities outlined in the position description at the levels required.