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Capability Definition Tool

Although each team or Department may vary slightly, the recruitment process for any NSW Government role follows a set process. All jobs are benchmarked against the Capability Framework – a set of 16 key criteria, called capabilities, and 4 additional capabilities relating to People Management for roles where these skills are required. Use the below tool to help you shape your application in government terms suitable to the job you’re applying for.


Step 1 - Match the capability levels to the Role Description.

Take the Role Description for any NSW Government role you are interested in applying for (found in the job ad) and manually enter the capability levels (Foundational, Intermediate, Adept, Advanced or Highly Advanced) into our Capability Definition Tool.

Step 2 - Hit Submit!

Once you have matched the tool up to your Role Description, hit the submit button to view your results which will provide you with clear definitions of the expectations for each level and wording that may be appropriate to use in your application. 

Similarly, below each of the headings, are sample questions to give you an idea of the sorts of questions which may be asked in an interview to gauge your skills and experience at a given capability level.

Step 3 - Download your results.

Download a printable PDF version of your results to read through and work on your application or to practice before an interview.


For more information on how to apply the framework, visit the Developing your CV and Cover Letter page and for further information visit the Public Service Commission website.

Capability Framework

Capability Group of : Personal Attributes
Capability Group of : Relationships
Capability Group of : Results
Capability Group of : Business Enablers
Capability Group of : People Management