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Veterans Education Program 2019/20 Round


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Applicants: please note

Before completing this application form, you must have read the Veterans Education Program 2019-2020 guidelines. You must also have been through the TAFE NSW Ranks to Recognition program and received an endorsement letter from TAFE NSW.

Incomplete applications and/or applications received after the closing date will not be considered.

This section of the application form is designed to help you, and the Veterans Employment Program, understand if you are eligible for this grant. It's crucial that you complete these questions before any others to ensure you do not waste your time applying for an unsuitable grant.

If you have any questions in regards to these eligibility criteria, please contact the Veterans Employment Program on (02) 8061 9288 or


Confirmation of Eligibility

 I  confirm  that  I ...

  • have been through the TAFE NSW Ranks to Recognition program and have received an endorsement letter from TAFE NSW
    • • have read and understand the Veterans Education Program guidelines
      • meet the relevant eligibility requirements for Smart and Skilled funding which are
        • • live or work in New South Wales (NSW)
        • • an Australian citizen

      • have not previously received funding through the Veterans Education Program

  • have discharged from the Australian Defence Force in the past five years
  • have identified a Smart and Skilled course that I would like to undertake to pursue a civilian career.


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1300 838 233


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Australian Defence Force Details

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Which service did you serve in the Australian Defence Force?   *

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How many years did you serve?    *

X  1 day- 8 years   ◯8-12 years   ◯12-15 years ◯15-20 years ◯Greater than 20 years                            

Please include any service in a foreign Defence Force.


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Your career

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Outline your career to date

Explain your career in the ADF and after discharge (if applicable). *


I joined the Navy in 2007 as a Maritime Logistics - Personnel Sailor. On completion of recruit training and my initial employment trade course, I consolidated my training at HMAS Cerberus. My time in the ships office at HMAS Cerberus, I was predominately the first point of questions to all staff entering the office. I created and managed several different registers to make the day-to-day running of the office more productive. 

Shortly after, I had my first sea positing on to HMAS Warramunga. During my time a part of the crew, I received promotion to Able Seaman, completed several training exercises and an operational deployment to the Middle East. My core role and duties consisted of administration management of over 150-billeted members. I was also a member of the ships medical and emergency team, where I was a first responder to any medical incident that occurred on-board.

On completion of this posting, I took up the role of office manager for the Drug and Alcohol Program. My hard work and dedication saw me very quickly take over the training co-ordinator position as well and become a personal assistant to the two councillors. I was the first point of contact to both internal and external members to the office. I completed my Leading Seaman Promotion course, with dux, and Advanced Martine Logistics.

I thoroughly enjoyed my time in Defence but decided to leave in the aim of finding a more productive work life balance and pursue a different career. I have spoken to TAFE, completed the Ranks to Recognition program, and now keen to pursue a career outside of the Defence Force in Nursing.


Must be no more than 450 words.


Please list any formal education or training you have undertaken, including during your time in service. *


Completion of Year 12 Certificate

Certificate in Administration

Certificate in Leadership

Certificate in Work Place Health and Safety


Example: Completion of Higher School Certificate; Certificate in Administration; Certificate Leadership;

Certificate Leadership; Certificate Work Place Health and Safety.


Did you receive any of the following Career Transition Assistance Scheme (CTAS) support when you transitioned? *

❑     Job search preparation (JSP) workshop                 ☐   Approved transition related absence (e.g.

                                                                                                 leave for interview/s, work experience)

❑     Curriculum Vitae (CV) coaching                          ☐   Career Transition training

❑     Career Transition Management coaching              X    No CTAS


TAFE NSW Ranks to Recognition

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Please upload your endorsement letter from TAFE NSW.   *


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Your Smart and Skilled course

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What is the Smart & Skilled course you would like to undertake   *

CUA XXXXX – Diploma of Nursing

Example: Course Code - Course Name (CUA50715 - Diploma of Graphic Design)


At which TAFE NSW location will the course be delivered?  *


If it is an online course, please write online.


What is the expected start date of the course?  *

14 /02/2020

Must be a date.


What is the expected completion date of the course?  *

31/ 07/2021

Must be a date.


What is the fee associated with the Smart & Skilled Course?   *


Must be a dollar amount.


Please outline why you need to undertake this course to pursue a new civilian career or to further an existing civilian career   * 

I have always had a keen interest in nursing. Upon leaving school, I decided to join the Navy for an adventure, but now I would like to change direction of my career. Nursing presents me with the opportunity to take care of people in a vulnerable time in their life. 

To do this I need to complete the relevant qualifications, gaining the skills enabling me to begin my career.

It my intention to go onto University and complete a Bachelor of Nursing, specialising in paediatric care, once I have gained some experience from my time as an enrolled nurse. 


Must be no more than 300 words.

An example of the correct way to approach this question can be found at https://


NSW Veterans Employment Program

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If your application is successful do you give permission for the Veterans Employment Program to contact you in relation to your progress within the course? *

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How you are progressing during the course? Are enjoying the content? Are you still intending to pursue a career in your chosen area?


Would you like to be added to the Veterans Employment Program network list to receive updates in the future?  *

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