History of the Program

In March 2015, the former NSW Premier, Mike Baird, made a commitment to establish a program to help an additional 200 veterans find suitable, sustainable and meaningful employment within the NSW Government Sector by 2019. The Veterans Employment Program (VEP) was then launched at Parliament House on 5 May 2016.

VEP sits within the NSW Office for Veterans Affairs and was the first of its kind for government in Australia. With extensive inter-agency collaboration, the program is leading the way in employment initiatives to support veterans.

VEP had an initial aim to support 200 veterans find sustainable and meaningful employment within the NSW Government by 2019. VEP reported in November 2018 that 831 veterans have either found work or been offered a new role in the public service – far exceeding the initial target.

VEP is now working towards a new target to help an additional 1000 veterans to find work by 2023.

Developing the Veterans Employment Program (VEP)

To develop the VEP, the NSW Office for Veterans Affairs led research to analyse how Australian Defence Force (ADF) employees’ skills and experience match those required for public sector jobs.

This comprehensive research found that ADF skills and experience are highly transferrable to government workplaces across a broad range of fields. There are roles in NSW Government to cater to all levels of skill and experience, ranging from entry level to executive positions. 

With approximately 1,200 people separating from the ADF in NSW each year, the NSW Government is committed to capitalising on this large and highly skilled recruitment pool.

Collaboration and Education Campaign

To ensure the program is a success, the NSW Office for Veterans Affairs is undertaking an education and collaboration campaign throughout NSW public sector agencies.

This will ensure recruitment decision makers and human resources influencers within NSW Government agencies are well informed about the skills and attributes of former military personnel and how they can be matched to the NSW Public Sector Capability Framework. 

The Rank to Grade Guide

VEP developed the Rank to Grade Guide to assist hiring managers and veterans to understand how ADF skills and experience align with roles within the NSW Government.