Veterans are highly trained individuals (and valued team members) with a vast range of qualifications and skills. When a veteran leaves the Australian Defence Force (ADF) approximately $300,000 - $350,000 has been invested in their training. It makes good business sense to employ veterans who have undergone vast levels of trade and leadership training. These skills are easily transferable from the ADF to roles in the NSW Government.

Our research has shown that regardless of rank, veterans bring with them significant core skills, including critical thinking and decision making, leadership and teamwork, strong interpersonal skills, experience working in a culturally diverse global environments, flexibility, resilience and dependability.

The easiest way to understand the rank system within the ADF is to think about how the Government and general businesses are structured:

  • Senior Officers represent the strategic level of the ADF; they are equivalent to Ministers, Secretaries, Executive Directors and Directors within the Government.
  • Junior to Middle ranking officers take strategic direction developed by the executive or senior officers and turn these strategic concepts into operational plans.
  • Warrant Officers and Senior Non-Commissioned Officers are like Foreman/Supervisors who break these operational plans down for soldiers, sailors and airman/airwomen to turn into outcomes.
  • Non Commissioned Officers and soldier, sailors and airman/airwoman work in small teams of five to ten personnel with a leader and second-in-command, to complete tasks directed to them. Tasks are given as mission orders (ranging from specific to those with a required outcome) allowing the team to work together and use their initiative to complete the task in the quickest, most effective and safe manner.

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