Transition stories

There is a role in NSW Government for every veteran. Below are a few success stories:

Michael Drake

Former Lieutenant Commander, Royal Australian Navy

Michael now works for the NSW Government as Director for the Centre for Maritime Safety. As part of Transport for NSW, the Centre for Maritime Safety works collaboratively with operational government agency Roads and Maritime Services (RMS), and is responsible for evidence-based strategy, policy, and awareness campaigns, and key stakeholder relations for the NSW Government’s maritime program.

“What attracted me to working with the government was the variety of work the government does. It’s about making people’s lives easier.”

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Jo Matthews

Former Leading Seaman, Royal Australian Navy

After leaving the Royal Australian Navy, Jo found employment with Fire and Rescue NSW, one of the world’s largest urban fire and rescue services. Fire and Rescue NSW employs almost 7000 fire-fighters. 

“I've got a lot of skills that transferred over into the civilian world quite easily.”

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Simon Petley

Former Warrant Officer Class 2, Australian Army

Leaving the Australian Army after 20 years of service, Simon now works as a Logistics Support Officer for SafeWork NSW, an organisation within the NSW Government that works to secure the health, safety and welfare of workers in NSW.

"The breadth of experience that I have gained in the ADF has held me in good stead for my role in the NSW Government."

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Clint Thomas

Former Corporal, Royal Australian Air Force

"My time with the ADF brought a lot of skills and experience that are highly transferable. It took me a while to find where I fit in and what I enjoy doing, but I'm living the dream in NSW Government"

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Nichol Anderson

Former Warrant Officer Class 1, Australian Army

Nichol works as a Service Planning Support Office for Transport for NSW, the NSW Government’s lead public transport agency which manages the multi-billion-dollar budget for rail, bus, ferry, road, maritime and taxi services and related transport infrastructure in NSW.

“The NSW Government has changed to a capability framework. If you think you are at the level that’s required for that role then apply.”

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Millie Bass

Former Flight Lieutenant Royal Australian Air Force 

I enjoyed my time in the Royal Australian Air Force as a Personnel Capability Officer and am thankful for the variety of skills and experience I acquired over nearly 12 years. Leaving the ADF and establishing a civilian life outside of the military environment was a significant yet seamless experience for me. It was the best decision! 
I now work for the NSW State Government providing business, operations, compliance and project management services across multiple clusters (areas of government). My role is challenging, dynamic and very rewarding. The organisation actively promotes flexible working arrangements and supports me to learn and grow. I love my job and the people I work with. 
I was actively involved with the Veterans Employment Program during my transition and am now a proud Veterans mentor. If you are looking to transition, I encourage you to contact the Veterans Employment Program and consider employment within NSW State Government. I guarantee they will value your unique skills and fine leadership as they did with me! 

 Millie Bass



Paul Rindermann

Former Combat Engineer, Australian Army 

Paul works for the NSW Government as a Senior Correctional Officer for Corrective Services at the Downing Centre, a division of the Department of Justice. Paul is where he is responsible for the operation and security of the Courts Cell Complex. The goal of Corrective Services is to preserve community safety by keeping inmates secure, supervising offenders in the community, and reducing reoffending.

"The most valuable skill I acquired during my time in the Australian Defence Force (ADF) was effective communication. The ability to communicate with all levels of people has assisted me many times in negotiating with inmates”.