This section contains tools and resources to help you find and apply for a role that compliments your military skills and experience.

The NSW Government job application process

Follow these steps to guide you at any stage of the job application process.

  1. Learn about the NSW Government
  2. Find the right role for you
  3. Write your application
  4. Contact the VEP

Mentor Others

Develop skills you gained through service by volunteering as a mentor.

Learn more about a specific role or department

Thinking about a specific civilian career path within NSW Government? Ask VEP for more information.

Stay Connected

Join our network to be kept informed about great opportunities our latest initiatives.

“The NSW Government has changed to a capability framework. If you think you are at the level that’s required for that role then apply."

Nichol Anderson, Former Army Warrant Officer Class 1

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Photo of Nichol Anderson, Former Army Warrant Officer Class 1