Defence Organisations

Defence Organisations

ADF Transition & Civil Recognition Project

The ADF Transition & Civil Recognition (ADF TCR) Project was established in October 2017 to assist ADF members align their military skills with civilian qualifications. The ADF TCR Project can help veterans understand what civilian employers want and how to express service in a way that any employer can understand and value. The ADF TCR Project also aims to educate employers about the highly transferable military skills ADF members can offer to civilian roles and have created the ADF Transition Training & Skills Guides to help translate military skills into civilian language

Defence Community Organisation – ADF Transition

Defence Community Organisation (DCO) provide a range of services to support ADF members and their families throughout their transition to civilian life. ADF Transition provides coaching and mentoring to members and their families through their transition, facilitate connections to other services, including the Career Transition Assistance Scheme, and support them to meet their administrative requirements. ADF Members are able to access support to translate their skills, interests and career aspirations to promote themselves to employers through the appropriate tools and techniques. Support through ADF Transition is available for up to 12 months before and after transition.

Defence Families Australia

Defence Families of Australia (DFA) is an independent government advisory body for current Defence Families in Australia. We provide advice to the Minister and CDF. We also provide a recognised forum for Defence Families and we work to inform Defence Families about policies and issues that affect them. We are all partners of current serving ADF members, which gives us a unique insight into the needs of future policy affecting Defence families. We advocate at both a regional and national level. We have National Delegates located across Australia near most major bases who know their communities and who can advocate for you locally.

Defence Reserves Support

Defence Reserves Support NSW (DRS NSW) provides a link between the Australian Defence Force (ADF), employers and the community.

DRS enhances the availability of the Reserve component of the ADF by facilitating working relationships between Reservists and their employers