Asking for feedback to your application

Applicants for NSW public sector roles will receive an email advising them of the outcome of their application. Keep in mind it can take several weeks for each applicant to be contacted.

If your application is unsuccessful, we recommend you seek feedback. Constructive feedback can help you identify opportunities for further training, improve your application writing skills and increase your confidence in navigating the public sector recruitment process.

You can contact the hiring manager to organise a convenient time to talk through your application and what to keep in mind when applying for future roles.

Have 3-4 open questions in mind for the discussion.  For example:

  1. What would strengthen my application in future?
  2. Did you identify any skill gaps or opportunities for further training in my resume?
  3. Was there a stand out reason as to why I was not successful in moving to the next stage?
  4. If I was to apply for a similar position in future, what would you recommend I keep in mind?

If you are experiencing difficulty receiving feedback to your application, please contact the Veterans Employment Program team.