Hiring managers in NSW Government

The NSW Government has set a new target to employ an additional 1000 veterans by 2023. Our team is focused on supporting this target by increasing awareness of the VEP, strengthening partnerships, and helping NSW Government clusters find ways to connect with veterans.

Post your role on the VEP's Facebook page                                        

The VEP posts public sector roles on Facebook to promote the NSW Government as an employer to our community of more than 2500 veterans, their spouses, family and friends. Our posts educate veterans on the variety of career paths available in the public sector, opportunities for career development and events occurring with in the veteran community.  

When posting a role to our community, we ask you give us the maximum amount of time possible, to allow veterans to put together their application. 

We also like to post useful information, if you are a Hiring Manager and have a helpful tip or common mistake you see in an application, we would love to hear from you. 

Contact the Veterans Employment Program if you would like us to share a role on the Veteran Employment Program Facebook page.

Job advertisements

If you are listing a role on I work for NSW include key terms that will attract a veteran candidates.

For example: “Defence experience welcome” or “Experience in the Australian Defence Force will be highly regarded"

Provide feedback to unsuccessful candidates 

The VEP encourages veterans who have been unsuccessful during the job application process to reach out to HR teams and hiring managers for feedback that they can incorporate into future applications.

The Public Service Commission has developed this guide that provides advice for NSW Government hiring managers and recruiters preparing to provide feedback to candidates who were unsuccessful in a recruitment process.