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The Rank to Grade Guide

The Veterans Employment Program developed the Rank to Grade Guide to assist hiring managers and veterans to understand how ADF skills and competencies align with roles within the NSW Government. 

You can map out how your ADF rank aligns with the NSW Job Grades by referencing the Rank to Grade Guide, or use the Rank to Grade Guide tool below to search and apply for jobs that are currently listed on the I Work for NSW website.

Please note: The Rank to Grade Guide tool is intended as a guide only. You should consider your non-military and/or specialist skills and experience when choosing your rank.

If there is a NSW Government job advertised that is outside of the grades recommended by the Rank to Grade Guide please make sure you consider your overall skills and experience. If you feel you meet the criteria please submit your job application.


To estimate what NSW Government grade matches your ADF rank

Step 1: Choose your service

Step 2: Choose your rank (an estimated NSW Government grade will be displayed automatically)

Step 3: If you wish, you can add a keyword such as 'Administration' OR 'Manager' OR 'Sydney' then click through to be redirected to jobs on the IWorkForNSW website.

VEP Rank Grade Guide

Step 1: Choose your service.

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Jobs with NSW Government are advertised on the IWorkForNSW website. To search the currently advertised roles by keywords or certain Departments, 

You can also set job alerts by following the below instructions:

  1. Go to IWorkForNSW
  2. Select 'Sign In' at the top right
  3. Select 'All other NSW Government agencies' from the list
  4. Go through the privacy agreement and sign in
  5. Click 'Access my profile' on the right. Here you can complete the profile and select job preferences by category and location. Please ensure you select the box to receive job alerts.




Always be sober

If you are asked to interview for a position, reach out to people with experience in that team or industry to speak about the culture, work and any challenges or changes ahead for the team. Any insights are valuable for your confidence and relevant responses in the interview.