Workshop outline

Day 1:

  • Where to find NSW public sector roles
  • NSW public sector employment arrangements
  • NSW public sector recruitment processes
  • NSW Government Sector Employment Act 2013 and the NSW Capability Framework
  • Applying for NSW public sector roles
    • Enquiring about an advertised role
    • Understanding the role description
    • Completing the online application form
    • Addressing role capabilities in your application
    • Responding to targeted and technical questions in your application
  • Using social media and LinkedIn
  • Selecting and managing referees
  • Reflection and action planning


Day 2:

  • Preparing for NSW public sector assessments
    • Psychological assessments
    • Capability-based assessments
  • NSW public sector interview process
    • How to prepare for a NSW public sector interview
    • Writing responses to general questions
    • Capability-based questions and answers
    • Bringing it all together – preparing a STAR example
    • Questions to ask at the interview
    • Interview Essentials: Logistics and non-verbal communication
  • Mock interview practice
  • Mock interview debrief
  • Reflection and action planning


“There were many eye-opening learnings in the workshop to be aware of, when making application for NSW Government roles. I made several instant changes to my cover letter and resume as a result from this workshop.”

Mark L