Frequently Asked Questions

What courses does the Veterans Education Program fund?

The Veterans Education Program only funds courses that are included on the Smart and Skilled NSW Skills List and delivered by TAFE NSW. The NSW Skills List is reviewed every two years and includes qualifications that have been identified as required to support the diverse skills needs of NSW employers.

What course can I apply for?

Any course that is included on TAFE NSW Smart and Skills list.

Can I apply for funding for more than 1 course?

The Veterans Education Program will only fund the  fees for one course per veteran. If you would like to undertake more than one course at TAFE NSW please consult with your careers councillor about what course to apply for funding.

How much funding can I receive through the Veterans Education Program?

If you are eligible for the Veterans Education Program and your application for funding is successful, the program will provide up to $4,000 (excluding GST). If your chosen course is more than $4,000, you will be invoiced by TAFE NSW for the remaining amount.

Where will the funding be paid?

TAFE NSW will invoice the Veterans Education Program and the program will pay TAFENSW.

Can I apply for funding if I don’t know what course I want to do?

Before you start a Veterans Education Program application you will need to know what course you want to do, and obtain a letter of endorsement from TAFE NSW’s Ranks to Recognition program.  A TAFE NSW letter of endorsement that will confirm:

  • what course you would like to receive funding for
  • the course cost, location and confirmed or proposed start date
  • that you have met TAFE NSW’s enrolment requirements.

Do I have to wait for an application round of the Veterans Education Program to open before I contact Ranks to Recognition?

No. You can access the services provided by Ranks to Recognition at any time by registering your interest on the TAFE NSW web page. A letter of endorsement can be obtained ahead of an application round for the Veterans Education Program opening.

I am struggling to reach the word count on the SmartyGrants application. What should I do?

It is highly recommended you give as much detail in your application as you can. Sell yourself. We have provided a sample application to guide you. 

I am having trouble with the online application form. Who can I contact?

SmartyGrants have published an applicant Help Guide or you can email,au or call The SmartyGrants support desk on 03 9320 6888 between 9am and 5pm, Monday to Friday.

If you'd like some advice on how to answer a question in the Education Program's application form contact the NSW Office for Veterans Affairs.